Latest Updates: Checkout Questions, more info on Sessions, and Multiple Speakers

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To our EventsXD Community,

This week before Christmas brings along a new and exciting update. We’re continuously making EventsXD better and would like to thank everyone for your patience and loyalty as we progress forward.

We’ve added the ability to add questions during a ticket purchase. This is especially helpful when you want to find information or do a quick survey about your attendees. Questions such as meal preference, Xbox or Playstation 4, Red Pill or Blue Pill. We even got requested to add preference between “Donuts or Bagels.”


Session info has been refreshed.

EventsXD session details

You can view multiple speakers per session. This was a widely requested feature and we are glad to be able to bring it to you.

EventsXD Multiple Speakers

We have more updates along the way to improve your experience using EventsXD so stay tuned. For now, we wish you all a happy holiday and warm end of the year. The team is looking forward to continually bring you the best event app.

This update is now available on the Apple App StoreGoogle Play and Windows Store.

A Mobile Check-in App to Make Your Event More Awesome

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This week is a HUGE week for EventsXD! Not only did we release Paid Ticketing but we are also launching the companion app for your event, EventsXD Checkin! So what is EventsXD Checkin? A mobile app to allow your event staff to check-in attendees on the fly. No more waiting in long lines, freely check-in people from anywhere!

With EventsXD Checkin, you can:
– Check-in attendees from the mobile app. Check-in attendees by scanning tickets with the camera on your mobile device or look up them up with a quick search of your guest list. Its efficient, hassle free and speeds up the traditional check in process.
– View which attendees are checked-in and which are not, so you can update your guest list on the fly
– View all the events you are an admin of. You can manage multiple event registration from within one app.

So if you’ve signed up to use paid ticketing, download our app and make your event even more awesome!

Download the iOS version here.
Download the Android version here.

Interested in signing up for EventsXD? Sign up here.

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EventsXD Releases Update 7.0.1 For Android

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Its been a busy week here at EventsXD®! We are super thrilled to announce an update to our Android App to fix some of the issues our users were having. If you haven’t already checked out our app for your events, you can download the Android version here and the iOS version here. We’re committed to bringing you more awesome updates. Stay tuned for more feature releases!

Release Notes:

  • Fixes a crash on about screen when no logo is present
  • Fixes an issue that speaker detail is not loaded fully when accessed via session detail screen
  • Fixes caching problems with “My” list
  • Added R trademark next to EventsXD

About EventsXD®:

EventsXD® is leading the revolution to bring the conference world into the 21st century. We believe that every one of the 1.8 million conferences around the world should have an app to help organize and engage their attendees. EventsXD® offers you a fully functional, multi-event app for FREE. As your needs evolve, you can opt to add premium features to take your event to the next level. There has never been a better time to give your attendees the experience they want, with the features you need. Join us to revolutionize your conference experience.