There is a new exciting update to EventsXD! Just in time for the coming holidays, we would like to introduce a new feature to make your marketing and branding efforts even easier. We’ve made our Premium Branding Feature even better with the ability to customize your icons. If you have already purchased the Custom Branding feature, no worries, you will get this addition for free. Adding the ability to customize your icons, we enhance your ability to create your homescreen however you’d like. This gives you endless possibilities to create all kinds of events. Whether you need to use EventsXD for a music festival, a wedding reception, a charity event or simply a school parent day visit; now with EventsXD, you set what each icons look like and what they are called or hide them if you don’t need it. Simply upload your personal icons for a themed event! Here are some examples of how you can customize your events:

EventsXD-music-show EventsXD-cooking-show EventsXD-wine-show

We have also made numerous stability improvement across every aspect of the product to enhance user experience. Going forward, we will be updating our apps every few weeks or so to improve how you use it and add features you have requested. We do listen so keep those suggestions coming in!

To take advantage of customizing your icons, head over to the Branding tab on your dashboard where we have added a preview mode.


You can change the text color and preview will reflect those changes for you. Click on the icon to change the image and name or simply to hide it. You can also change the position and order of the icon by dragging them to the desired location. We think this will give you more flexibility in creating an amazing experience for your attendees.

eventsxd-icon-2EventsXD-custom-icon-menu┬áIf you haven’t downloaded the mobile app, you can get the iOS version here, the Android version here, and the Windows phone version here. EventsXD powers the world’s best event. To get started, sign-up to create a free event. Have a great week everyone!

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